Частный сектор 50/100

Частный сектор 50/100

280 UAH в месяц

100 Мб/мир


50 Мб/мир

Тип подключения

Оптический кабель

Интернет на скорости 50Мб/100Мб с безлимитным доступ в мировой и украинский трафик


  • 100 Мб/мир

  • 50 Мб/мир

Тип подключения

  • Оптический кабель


  • Київ (приватний сектор)

Subsidiary "Telegroup Ukraine" invites subscribers residing in the private sector to connect the tariff plan "Private Sector 50/100" and use the Internet without restrictions: to communicate with friends and relatives via Skype, to send and receive emails, to be aware of the latest world events and news, watch your favorite movies, videos and download them, play online games, listen to good music, download volumetric files. This tariff plan provides convenient access to the world and Ukrainian traffic at speeds up to 100 MB / s. To connect the Internet to the private sector, you will need special equipment, about which you can contact our managers. Call us and request a connection and we will get back to you right away!


Звоните нам.

Отдел продаж +38 044 303 9100
Тех. поддержка: +380 67 333 9100


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ул. Иоанна Павла II, 15, Киев, 01042